SweatStyle Inspiration: Meet Gina Gretta, Bi-Coastal Barre Instructor with a SweatStyle to Envy!

We caught up recently with one of our fave barre instructors, Gina Gretta, whose positive attitude and never-ending energy are truly inspiring! She's appeared in multiple comedy skits on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, and you may have seen her teaching or taking classes in any of the LA or New York Bar Method studios!  Read below to learn more about what keeps her active, inspired, and rocking an impressive SweatStyle. 

You can follow Gina on Instagram at @ginagretta

How did you get involved in teaching The Bar Method?

I tried Bar Method when I moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago. I wanted a
healthy outlet to relieve stress given the intense demands of the post grad
program I was in. I fell in love with the workout and environment
immediately. The teachers were incredible and so invested in the clients. It
sounds cheesy, but it truly changed my life. I tried other workouts, but
nothing instilled such positive growth, mentally and physically, the way Bar
Method did. It's a special community of inspiring and amazing people that
teach you how to maximize your fullest potential.

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Hands down, it's having the ability to change and affect people's lives
positively in a method I truly believe in. Bar Method changed my life. I've
watched it change other people's lives too! The benefits aren't only
physical; It makes you a mentally stronger person. Now, I get to give that
same positive change to others!

What do you think a benefit of group classes is?

The energy in the room! It totally rocks! I watch people motivate and look
to each other while working at their full potential.  You get to experience,
physically, the understanding that you're not alone in your challenges! What
results from this is totally effective and impactful. Then when the class is
over and you're moving into your final stretches, it's that feeling of
having completed something together! Like ok, we did it! We're rockstars!!
(And then you can go off and crush your day like one!)

Why did you love SweatStyle when you heard about it?

Any platform for new and premium active wear is exciting to me, but, when I
learned more about the company, I loved what they stand for. Talk about
inspiring and empowering women! The approach is focused on acceptance of YOU
and your body's specific needs. The questions SweatStyle asks their
customers are about that customer. It's specific to each person, their body
and the acceptance of it! I love that! We feel great when we look great in
our active wear too. I want to see more women feeling comfy and confident
working out--SweatStyle caters to assisting in that...sending just what you
need right to you and if you don't like it, simply don't keep it! No
pressure, no stress, and no trying on a ton of tight pants in a crowded

What do you normally look for in workout gear?

I'm a sucker for this mesh trend going on. I love all the cutouts and cool
patterns! And of course, soft hoodies. That's just more of a cuddly comfort
thing when I'm cold in the studio or cooling down after a workout. I could
live in my sweatshirts! Actually, I do!

What piece of fitness apparel can you not live without?

I have a pair of really sexy black crops! They rock! They have a fun cutout
on the side but they're not too much that I can't somehow turn them into an
outfit for a night out with some cool boots...and I do!  These...and ANY of
my soft pullovers and hoodies.

What is your style when you aren't training?

I'm a jeans and white tee kind of girl. On the rare occasions that I'm not
in active wear, I go for the staples--timeless pieces like a leather jacket
and great jeans. Pretty simple!

How would you describe your approach to health and fitness?

Positive and uplifting. I make sure to tell clients and have to remind
myself occasionally, as well, that our bodies are constantly changing. It's
important to listen and connect to it...not judge it! Listen to what feels
good, listen to what feels bad, and adjust accordingly for you. Take good
care of your body and also embrace it and love it for what it is! I like to
keep my approach about how you feel, increasing your strength mentally,
physically, and spiritually!  The pressure of being thin can be brutal for
some women; I myself have struggled given my curvier figure. It can be so
discouraging! Your health and fitness regimens should not stress or
discourage you; rather they should empower you, and build your confidence. I
like seeing students leave the room feeling amazing- refreshed and proud of
their bodies and dedication and excited to come back again to work for what
makes them feel great!

Got any fitness or health secrets for us?

Yes! "Comparison is the thief of joy." It's so true, and it can be applied
to everything. If you want the best results in any given area, work for
you.practice health and fitness as a lifestyle for YOUR body. I had a great
teacher who told me, "stop comparing yourself to anyone else.  The only
person you're trying to be better than is the person you were yesterday." It
stuck with me.. to only compete with myself. It opened that door to embrace
and love my own body, to find that level of appreciation in taking care of
you and accepting your figure. That awareness has an incredible impact on
your consistency, endurance, and overall outlook on health and fitness.


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