Studio Three Chicago

There's Not One Way To Sweat

The team at Studio Three in Chicago knows that choices are tough, so they've created a world-class studio that includes high-intensity interval training, cycling, and yoga all in one place. SweatStyle spent the day with their team to learn what motivates their trainers and influences their style. If you happen to be in Chicago area, be sure to stop by to try this intense workout. Use the code SWEASTYLEVIP to get a 3-class credit! 

photo by @juju.be.like
Mar Miles
What’s your go-to sweat style?
 A tight crop top and high waisted yoga pants + being barefoot! 

What’s the best part about teaching?
Teaching yoga is my duty to this planet. I feel at home when leading my classes and I hope that this resonates with the students. The best part about teaching for me is observing any transformations in the students whether it be mentally, physically, or spiritually. So long as they have a smile on their face or a relaxed state of mind when they leave the yoga studio or at least had a glimpse of this during the class, I feel at peace knowing that I was able to guide them effectively.
photo by @juju.be.like
Jenny Finkel

When the weekend rolls around, where can we find you?
At a PomSquad Fitness class, kicking ass on the claw machine at FTW, shooting dance-party videos with my husband on Instagram, and SLEEPING.  On the weekends, I fully honor that I have two settings:  ON and OFF! 

Why do you love to work out?
Fitness is so empowering.  There is nothing more gratifying than meeting challenges you have set for yourself.  I have learned so much about myself through my fitness journey--what I am capable of, what kinds of things I love and enjoy that I may have once assumed I would hate, how to problem-solve.  And then I take what I've learned in the studio out into the real world to kick ass!



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