Meet Our Model


Meet our friend, Kim DeCesare!You may recognize Kim from some of our favorite Instagram posts - she's the one showing off the latest and greatest SweatStyle apparel. While she's all smiles at our shoots, she's a fierce competitor on the soccer field! Kim plays for the Sky Blue FC team in the National Women's Soccer League, and knows a thing or two about getting sweaty! We sat down with Kim and talked fitness, soccer, and SweatStyle.


How would you describe your SweatStyle?

My SweatStyle is sporty, functional and comfortable. I want to be able to feel good in what I'm wearing and not worry about being uncomfortable or wearing impractical clothing.
What is your favorite outfit you've received from SweatStyle?
My favorite outfit I received was a pair of red, white and blue ankle-length leggings and a blue sports bra with fun straps in the back.
What is your weekly workout schedule like? How do you switch it up to keep yourself motivated?
My weekly workout schedule consists of soccer training 3-4 times a week, a game once a week, weight training twice a week and occasionally yoga or stretching.  I love to play soccer so that never gets old; I am constantly motivated to get better at it so as long as I am doing that I am enjoying my training. I also genuinely like to weight lift and feel strong so that is always fun!!
What do you do to relax?
I like to hang around with friends, go out to eat and watch good movies.  I also love the beach and recently got into surfing... so that's not exactly relaxing but there is nothing better than lying on my board on a beautiful beach day and taking it all in.
What's your favorite thing about playing soccer?
My favorite things about playing soccer are the lifelong friendships that I have made, the pure fun it is to play some version of a game every day, and getting to compete and challenge myself in the sport I love most.  It is such a rewarding experience to be able to get better at something that I have been working on since age 7.
What is your health/fitness motto?
My perspective on health/fitness has definitely changed over the past few years. I used to be too hard on myself with over training and limiting the things I did outside of soccer. Over the past 5 year, I've given myself a break and really just enjoyed life with and without soccer.  My motto is if you really want to better yourself at something, make all the moves you can to do it. Work hard, but more importantly, work smart. Also know that on an off day, a bowl of chocolate ice cream or a slice of pizza and a beer is always a good idea.


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