Here's What Happens When You #ASKASWEATSTYLIST

ICYMI: Our expert stylist Kari recently shot a Live video where she showed off tons of hot new pieces in the #SweatStyle inventory featuring some of the latest trends in fitness apparel. You are going to LOVE the items we have by brands like Vie ActiveTerez,Poprageous, and so many more!
Kari also did a Q&A in which she answered viewer's pressing fashion questions! Read on to see some of Kari's responses and watch the entire video here!


Underwear -- yes or no with leggings?
We go back and forth with this all the time and I have to say it's personal preference. I always choose to wear underwear but I make sure my pants have enough thickness and coverage to hide my panty lines. You can wear nude or white underwear so that you can't see them through colored pants. Thong-shaped underwear is usually easier to cover up some of those lines.  Personally, I go hard when I work out so I prefer to go the underwear route. There are some styles now, though, that are pretty risqué and you can't wear underwear with them, like mesh that goes all the way up the thigh. If you chose to not wear underwear just make sure to get those sweaty clothes off quickly and that they're always clean!
How long should you wear a pair of leggings before you get rid of them?
Again, personal preference. We focus on carrying a lot of high-quality brands, so the way to make them last the longest is to either hand wash them or put them in the washer and hang dry them (this is what I do). If you're someone who doesn't want to do that, throw them in the washer and dryer;  just put them on a low-tumble dry. I would say as long as they're in good shape, and you keep them clean - there's no time limit. On bras and some underwear, there is a time limit on how long before you should get rid of them in terms of support or hygiene, but I think on a legging as long as they're doing the job, wear them as long as you can.  We really stand behind all of our products and we're proud of them; they do seem to last longer than some of the other things on the market.
Do you have any advice for someone who may want to become a stylist?
It's something where it's important to look at what's going on. Do some research, look at magazines, look at people, see what looks good, look at stores, follow Instagram accounts, bloggers, and fashion shows. Always keep your eyes open to see what appeals to you. Everyone has their own personal style. There are things that I think look great and I hope everyone agrees, but sometimes that's not always the case. Try out the clothes yourself.  See how they fit and then you become a better stylist. You know what's good for certain activities, what's going to stay up, etc. With SweatStyle, we're hoping to provide you with what you like, as well as, push you to try things you don't normally wear, but end up loving. 
Are you going to do #ASKASWEATSTYLIST more often? It's helpful to see what's up.
We would love to! We want to connect more with our customers. By the way, I'm always available; email me at Kari@mysweatstyle.com. We think it's important for you to understand what we have available and what's out there. Also, it's great if you see what we suggest goes together so when you get something in your box you're excited about it and understand why it's there. The more people who show up to watch this, the more often we'll do it!



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