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Meet Helena Cawley, the CEO & Founder of SweatStyle!

When the weekend rolls around, where can we find you?
My weekends are devoted to my family. I have a 20-month old daughter and a seven-week-old son, so I’m just starting to figure out how to manage life with two kids. We wake up early no matter what day of the week it is (thanks, kids!) and I try to get a workout in while my husband looks after the kids and vice versa. After breakfast, I’ll usually take our daughter to the playground and then do some food shopping for dinner. My husband is getting really into cooking lately and I am the happy guinea pig who gets to test out all his new creations.
Congratulations on your new baby! Are you still able to get your sweat on?
I’m just starting to get back into it, so I’m not in a routine yet, but I've found yoga to be a great way to get moving and start to get my strength back. I also love to run outdoors so I’m looking forward to the weather in NY getting warm again. Your body goes through so much both during pregnancy and right after delivery so it’s important to really pay attention to how you’re feeling. Luckily I had a really easy pregnancy and recovery and I’ve been able to push myself pretty hard.
What’s your go-to sweat style?
I'm usually wearing colorful/printed pants, a fun bra, and a comfortable racerback tank top when I exercise. It totally helps motivate me when I have an amazing outfit to wear for my workouts.
We know you LOVE to workout. Why?
I workout because it is the best mental pick-me-up out there! I work out more because of how it makes me feel rather than how many calories I can burn. I love the challenge of pushing myself harder and harder each workout, and achieving fitness goals I never thought I could; I'm not the most natural athlete in the world, but getting in even 5 more push-ups than I could do the week before is so empowering. First and foremost, it's great mental therapy. The rest are just side bonuses!
Let’s talk more about the CLOTHES! If you could only wear one piece of clothing every day, what would it be?
I'd say it's wild and fun workout pants! I'm obsessed with the super soft ones from Brazil Wear as well as ones that have great compression and make your butt look awesome like Alala, Nux, and Varley. I pair my leggings with boots and an oversized sweater and I feel pulled together even though I'm super comfortable. Comfort is key when you're on the go all day!
What is the most exciting part of your job?
The most exciting part of my job is seeing and trying on all of the amazing new styles from our partner brands! They are doing such cool things with activewear and athleisure and I can't wait to show them off in all of our upcoming SweatStyle boxes!
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