5 easy ways to get active outside now that it’s FINALLY spring

We’ve been through a lot this winter. And by that, we mean a lot of binge-watching Scandal and a lot of excuses not to leave our apartments in the cold.

But it’s time to let Netflix and Seamless know the fun’s over. It’s not them… it’s spring. Now that no-jacket season is officially here and we can reliably walk out the door without a scarf, we’re starting to feel that energy boost you can only get from longer days, drinking wine on patios, and having an excuse to buy new sunglasses.

Whether you spent the winter sweating it out indoors on the treadmill or are looking to get back on your grind after an exercise hiatus, chances are you’re ready to overcome apartment fever and get active outdoors again. Here are a few ideas for how you can get fresh air while you get fit now that it’s time to make the most of spring:

  1. Walk. Everywhere. Sure, winter’s a great excuse to justify a 5 block Uber ride during surge pricing, but we can guarantee you’ll be in a better mood walking into the office after a 30 minute morning stroll than you would after 10 minutes underground.

    We did a little math, and if you were to walk 3 miles round trip (about a half hour each way) every weekday from May-September, you’d burn almost 10,000 calories. That would essentially negate your summer rosé consumption. #worthit

  2. Grab some friends for your favorite lawn game. Now that it’s nice out, substitute all that time you spent sitting in restaurants (or figuring out how to avoid leaving your apartment all together) with a group hangout to play some of the simplest games out there: lawn games. Chances are you won’t be the only ones out there hitting a ball into a trampoline or throwing frisbees at cans.

    An added bonus? You’ll be able to get away with wearing your favorite workout gear for the entire day. Athleisure queens, rejoice!

  3. Visit an outdoor rock climbing wall. Is it just us, or are outdoor rock climbing walls popping up in every major city? First, one opened in downtown Chicago last spring, and now, you can climb with a view in NYC. DUMBO Boulders just opened up North America’s largest outdoor bouldering facility directly under the Manhattan bridge. And it’s only $9 for a day pass.

    If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can always schedule a weekend trip out of the city instead. But if you can spend your morning climbing and still make it to your weekly brunch... why choose?

  4. Sign up for an outdoor workout class. When temperatures soar into the 70s, watch your favorite studio’s schedule fill up with outdoor class options. Plus, you’re rocking stylish workout gear, so why wouldn’t you want to take it outside for the whole world to see?

    If you’re in NYC, ladies-only Uplift Studios hosts classes like “Uplift your workout” near the Hudson River and “Ride ‘n’ Rose” which includes a bike ride round around Central Park followed by a wine-laden picnic. Best. Workout. Ever.

  5. Load up a tote with wine and carry it to the park. Speaking of rosé! Okay, so maybe this isn’t active, but hey, bottles of wine are heavy and Vitamin D is good for you! To amp up this workout even more, call a few more friends and pick up 3 bottles instead.

    (P.S. Portable wine-bottle coolers exist.)

But before you pull on your sneakers and get out there, one question: if you do something active and you weren’t wearing your fitness band to track it, did it ever really happen?

We have you covered. If you sign up for SweatStyle before Monday at 11:59pm, and enter the code “FITBIT,” you’ll have the chance to get a free FitBit Alta in your first box along with your stylist-selected workout gear. TIME just called it the most stylish fitness band ever, so you might want to get in on this.


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