7 Fitness Boosters That are Cheaper Than Your ClassPass Membership

If you checked your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram in the last few days, you probably witnessed some version of ClassPass-induced internet outrage that sparked when the fitness class membership service hiked its prices up to $190/month last week. Cue the crying-face emojis.

While threats of membership cancellations swept our news feeds and racked up the likes, we couldn’t help but think about how we might make better use of our bank accounts to benefit our healthy lifestyles. With plenty of less expensive workout options out there (and outdoor-workout season almost here), we put together a few suggestions of how you can invest in your fitness if you decide not to shell out the extra cash for a pricier ClassPass.

1. A fitness band you can rock. Imagine all the extra steps you’d have if your activity tracker could join you for girls’ night out? Extended dance party, here you come. $99.

    2. A brand new, sweat-ready ensemble. Why leave the couch and have to deal with fitting-room fluorescent lights and unflattering mirrors when you can have your new go-to athletic combo sent straight to your door? SweatStyle stylists tailor your box to your workout vibe, then you keep what you want and send back the rest. Prices vary.

    3. Sleek earbuds that are basically jewelry. Spice up your usual white-cord look with some buds that are as eye-catching as you are in yoga pants. $80.

    4. Unlimited workout classes on your time. As if that Booty Buster class wasn’t hard enough, were you really into sprinting to your favorite exercise class to avoid a fee? You can get stronger at home without having to brave the subway. $57 for unlimited monthly streaming.


    5. Some chic new kicks. When you can get in a few miles at the gym then hit brunch without changing your shoes, you know you’ve hit the athleisure jackpot. Talk about return on investment. $95

    6. An elliptical you can use on the job. Unless you’re a professional SoulCycle instructor, chances are the only exercise you get at work is walking to and from the coffee maker (and maybe there and back again if it’s one of those days). If only typing burned calories, too... $170.

    7. An endless supply of healthy snacks. No need to avoid Bagel Mondays all together, but grabbing a healthy snack during your 4pm slump could help give you the energy to slap on the sneakers when you get home instead of sinking into the couch. $66/month gets you enough NatureBox snacks to have you covered every weekday.



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