The Game-Changing Way to Shop for Workout Gear

Want hot new fitness gear dropped off at your door every few weeks? No problem. Fitness brands have taken on the Birchbox-inspired, subscription-based model of delivering monthly goods. What’s more, these fit deliveries are curated and tailored to match your personal style and workout needs. Sign up for one of our top picks below right now and you’ll lookamazing this summer—without having to spend hours shopping and wiggling in and out of spandex in a too-hot dressing room. Because you should never sweat the shopping—save that part for your workout.

1. SweatStyle

Founder Helena Cawley isn’t new to the exercise scene—she’s a co-owner of Uplift, a boutique, women’s-only studio in New York. After hearing the fashionable, fitness style wants of her clientele, she decided to start her personalized shopping biz. You’ll fill out a questionnaire about your workouts and personal style; the team at SweatStyle cull together packages of fitness gear from brands like HPE, ALALA, Koral and Nux. Every three months, you’ll receive a brand-new box—then have five days to decide what to keep and what to mail back in the prepaid packaging provided.

$20 per delivery (applied towards items you keep) plus price of items kept; mysweatstyle.com.


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